the diary of a dreamer

Time waits for no one.
Yep, it's the holidays.  Haven't seen snow in three Christmases, and I feel empty, just as predicted.  Apologies for being emo, it's unintentional.


Anyway, moving away from the negativity...  I've been working to "redesign" my fursona.  Previously, I'd always been a wolf, but I've come to realize I'm a tad more.. eh... domestic?  My "pack" at school has all agreed that I'm an Akita, ha.  My mate, an older wolf, has even gone and thought up a fur pattern for me using my old colors... why not stick with tradition?  A dog can't change her fur, after all... well, she can, but I'm not ready for an overload of fur dye right now ;)  Besides, I wouldn't be Kyoto without the cerulean hue!

What else, what else.. ah, cosplay!  I'm so stoked for MegaCon '10.  I've got two cosplays in the works: Yoite from Nabari no Ou (I usually hate crossplay, but... I love the outfit too much) and Ennis from Baccano!.  The Baccano! cosplay might end up being the most fun, simply because we have a large group cosplaying, and I've never been in one of those before.  We're still missing a few key names, but hopefully we can fill in the blanks before March rolls around.

Also, I've got a photoshoot or two coming up... well, one I'm shooting and another I'm modeling, hah.  I'm new to modeling, so it should be a grand experience.  My friends and I are getting together and doing a holiday-themed shoot and I'm going to break out my old Rin (from Kakashi Chronicles) outfit with a little more holiday spirit.  Dunno where this is going to take place, since, well... no snow.  We'll figure out something, though!

I think I'm going to hit up Disney World in cosplay one of these days.  It's been a dream (or something like that) for quite some time, I just have to find the right outfit first.

In other news, I've been getting into One Piece lately, and as my friends apparently predicted I've fallen madly in love with Sanji.  But then again, what girl wouldn't? <3

I'm counting down the days until my Baccano! box set arrives.  $30 at Target?!  Yes please.  It's the first complete series I'll own, because undesirable circumstances have prevented my collections of FMA and Mushi-Shi from being whole (I can't find the second half of FMA for under $40 and I'm missing disc 4 from M-S.)

Ah, art!  I spent over 12 hours on a painting a week or so ago, for my friend's Christmas present.  I'm not so sure how I'm going to part with it, since I love it so much... It's a Zelda piece I've titled "The Legend Lives On", featuring Link from OoT/TP and the Link from Wind Waker.  Once I post it on dA I'll throw a link on here... not that anyone reads this.  >.>

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good.. day, or night, and Happy New Year!


 I guess I only write on here when, a) I really, REALLY need to vent, or b) something really amazing happens (or is about to happen).  Seems to be the latter is the most common.  That's okay, though!

Recently I've been podcasting with my friends at www.aaapodcast.com, which has totally been a blast.  While we were getting ready to record episode 7 this week, I got a reply from Matt of the L33tStr33t Boys (probably my favorite band ever, lol) about a contest entry, and so I  soon helped my co-hosts discover the joys of L33tStr33t's music and "message", haha.  They loved the idea and the tunes and Mitsugi suggested that I ask Matt to be a guest on the podcast.  I figured I'd give it a shot, even though there was a slim chance in my mind of getting a definite yes.  So I wrote him a cute little e-mail and got back to work, figuring I'd hear from him in at least a week or so.

Picture this: I'm sitting in my Sound Recording class, waiting for my professor to start class, and killing time by checking facebook and twitter.  On a whim I open my inbox, and poof!  There's a message from the L33tStr33t Boys, just sitting there looking pretty.  By this time my professor HAD started class, but come on... who could just leave a message like that unopened?  So I did the obvious and opened it, scanning it quickly.  Seconds later, when I finished, I had to literally bite back a squeal and clap my hand over my mouth.  I guess that's what I get for checking my e-mail during class, right?  In any other situation I would have been out of my seat doing an epic victory dance and singing.  ...that wouldn't have gone over too well during class, though, I don't want the professor labeling me as "unstable", lol.

Anyway, Matt had responded with great enthusiasm, saying that it sounded wonderful and he'd love to arrange something.  As if you couldn't already interpret that from the previous paragraph.  He's a sweetheart... he completes my life meter, lol!

Yeah, that message indirectly inspired another shirt design for the contest, which came out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Nothing else going on, really.  Just incredibly stoked to be able to actually converse with Matt Myers. :3

Divine CONvention
AFO is this weekend.  I'm ridiculously excited... assuming I can go on Saturday.  You wanna know why I'm excited?  Two words... Breakdancing Kakashi.  Damn straight, here's hoping the guy returns for yet another year.  *crosses fingers*  ...though I might possibly gush blood out my nose if I were to run into him in the halls.  (I'm kidding, naturally.  Though he is quite an attractive Kakashi... *cough*)

Also, I can't lie, I was really disappointed that I didn't get to meet Reuben Langdon last year.  For those who don't know, he's an amazing guy... he does a crap ton of CGI work, and by that I mean he's the model...  I'm really lame at using the correct terminology, but he's effing amazing at martial arts... you get the point.  Oh, did I mention he's also the voice of Dante in the latest Devil May Cry games?  Oh yes.  Hell yes.  Speak to me, Reuben, so I can promptly faint.  xD

Staying on topic with the voice acting stuff, I can honestly say that Sam Riegel is quickly becoming my second favorite voice actor.  (This is because no one could -ever- top Scott McNeil, who is the coolest person in the entire universe.)  But anyway, I want to give that man a hug.  I adore him to millions of pieces and hope that someday I'll be lucky enough to meet him.  He's a wonderful voice actor.

The other day while I was watching Naruto Shippuden (DUBBED!) and the dub of Honey & Clover (thanks Viz, you guys are amazing) I realized just how much of a voice actor geek I really am.  I sat there and I kid you not, I was able to name right off the bat 95% of the voice cast as they made their appearances.  I'm getting good at this thing, and every day I'm picking up new names and adding to my mental rollodex.  (I have one, really, I do!)

One last thing, skipping back to the topic of AFO...  I was deciding on a last minute cosplay, and I've settled on going as Hatake, my OC!  I'm kind of stoked to premiere her (er, myself, actually, since it's really just me in a spiffy outfit.)  I just need fingerless gloves to complete the outfit.

Anyway, I gotta go catch the rest of some chick flick I slept through a large chunk of.  Which is fine, because I needed the rest, and chick flicks are predictable anyway... I'm not lost in the plot at all... which makes me wonder why I watch these things in the first place if I already know what's going to happen and have seen the same stories with different casts a million times....  uh... hm.


MetroCon 2009
gurren lagann, viral
...was probably one of the best weekends of my life.  I'm going to write down all the happenings here.  It was also the first con where I flew solo for at least one day. 


Being alone was both extremely liberating and excruciatingly intimidating.  I was scared, but I don't mind being alone and so I figured it wouldn't bother me... but when I walked through those doors my heart was in my throat.  I swallowed hard and found the registration line, which was terribly long and full of lively chatter.  The girl right in front of me turned and took in my costume... which was a plaid shirt, a cowboy hat, and a "Hello My Name Is" nametag with my "character's" name...  and she goes, "...you're cosplaying Scott McNeil??!  THAT'S SO COOL!!!"  and glomps me.  It was such a relief.  The first person to say two words with me understood my costume.  Sure, the name was printed clearly on the name tag (along with "Kawaii no Jutsu" right about it), but it takes a fan to recognize the humor in it.  I smiled.  Of course she had to leave the line for some reason, which left me all alone... again.  So there I was, waiting for about 30 minutes, trying to hide any discomfort I was feeling due to the slight envy I had of all the groups of friends around me.  And then it happened.  I was looking around, admiring the cosplayers, when all of a sudden I see none other than my hero and inspiration himself walk right by, amidst a few shouts of "HEY SCOTT!"  My heart swelled and I stood on my tiptoes grinning like mad to watch him waving to the crowd as he kept walking.  I was, of course, inconveniently located behind a column (as well as absent of the ability to speak due to seeing him for the first time) so he couldn't see me.  I called my mom to tell her who I'd just seen and then waited for about another 15 minutes in line.  At this point the line was by a window, and I was gazing out to the bay, enjoying the pretty view when I spotted him outside with Brad Swaile.  Again, I couldn't mask the gigantic grin that formed on my face and suddenly the line seemed less of a drag.  A while later they all decided to come inside (probably because it was insanely hot and humid outside), but the doors were on the other side of the room... sad day, right?  I'd seen him glance over a few times but knew there was a slim chance he could even see me.  I let out a sigh as they headed over to the doors and then out of the corner of my eye I couldn't help but notice that Scott was... walking over to where I was on the other side of the glass?  My eyes widened and I smiled like crazy as he stopped right in front of me and smiled back.  He pointed to me and then to himself, and I nodded and pointed to my name tag...  by this time the crowd was watching everything.  He started miming behind the glass and I copied him, being the dork I am, and then he made a heart symbol with his hands and I traced the same shape.  It was adorable.  He waved goodbye and continued on his way.  I then decided the line for registration was totally worth the wait, and not one complaint left my mouth afterwards.  (Also, by the time the line ended I had talked to quite a few people in line, one about my cosplay because he told me it was kickass, and the other about, well, standing in line, heh.)

I walked around the dealer's room, then around the hallways, then outside, killing time before Brian Drummond's panel at 3.  I think I ended up waiting by the doors to the panel room forty minutes early to get a good seat.  I met a pretty cool girl there, she was a huge Cybertron fan and she was cosplaying Jenova.  Brian's panel was really cool.  Yeah, his Zechs voice makes my heart do strange things, like stop beating.  (heh heh.)  When that ended I was supposed to go to Grey Ayres's panel, but he couldn't make it to the con due to medical reasons... hope you're doing better, Greg, we missed you!  Anyway, I now had two hours to kill until the autograph signings with all the VAs at 6.  More wandering!  Got to the signing at 5:20 and decided which line I was going to sit in for forty minutes.  Scott and Brad already had a bunch of fans lined up and I wanted to meet someone who wouldn't make my heart explode of sheer bliss right away, since I needed to adjust to talking to all of them.  I picked Mark Hildreth's line.  Made a few phonecalls to make the wait easier, and then forty minutes were over, and the lines had significantly increased.  The VAs came out one-by-one, and Scott was being a goof and stopping in every line to "fanboy" over the other VAs.  That was... special.  And then he came over to me and gave me a one-armed hug (I ignored the fact that my heart was trying to bust through my chest) before squealing "OHMYGOSH it's Maaaark..."  Heh.  (He followed this up by running to the back of his line yelling threats to his empty seat and shaking a foam baseball bat at it... right.)

Mark was really nice and subdued.  It was a good transition for me.  I thanked him, told him I loved his music, and signed up for his mailing list, and then I was off to Brian's line. 

The wait wasn't so bad, I guess.  I walked up there and presented my comic for him to sign...  [

let me explain what I did NOW; I didn't mention it before because Mark didn't make a big deal about it (which was cool, I didn't expect him to and he was nice anyway).  Months prior to the con after I'd seen the guest list I set out to make a memorable autograph book out of an old blank comic book (a create-your-own).  I made a personalized page for each voice actor guest with their name and two to four panels featuring my favorite characters voiced by them, and the first three pages were an introductory comic explaining how I loved voice acting and came up with the idea to make this crazy book.  It was a lot of fun.] 

Getting back to meeting Brian: he looked at it and smiled, flipping through it.  He was really impressed by the personalized pages, he told me.  Under his name, he signed "As seen below" with an arrow... which made me laugh; for everyone else he was signing "Vegeta, Ryuk, Zechs" underneath (in some order) and those were the three I'd drawn, haha.  I waved goodbye and thanked him and went off to Kirby Morrow's line.

See, a while back my friend met Kirby and I guess he was having a bad day or something and wasn't mean but wasn't extremely friendly or anything, so knowing that I didn't get my hopes up about being awed by any over-the-top kindness.  I was totally wrong.  Or rather, my friend was.  He looked through my comic and couldn't get over it, he thought it was amazing.  He was such a nice, funny guy, it was a pleasure meeting him.  When I said my goodbyes to him I headed to Brad Swaile's line...

Up to meeting Brad I had kept my cool and all that.  I was prepared to do the same when I met him, and I was doing well until he noticed my Nightcrawler picture and pointed it out.  I bit my tongue, trying to forget who I was talking to.  (I'd had a huge crush on Brad for the past couple years and never thought in a lifetime I'd get the chance to see him face-to-face like this.)  And then it came up like word vomit... "IreallylovedyouasNightcrawler!"  I kind of wanted to kick myself, but I let it slide because I was sure he'd dealt with much, much worse.  His response was "Oh?" to which I nodded.  Cue switching over to adorable Nightcrawler voice, "The chicks dig the fuzzy man."  I definitely let out some kind of aww-ing derivative.  He then saw my picture of Maxwell from Hamtaro and did HIS voice as well, and I was grinning ear-to-ear by that point.  To summarize, Brad (being the artist he is) spent a good ten minutes looking through my book and drawing all over his page (I thanked myself internally for giving him the biggest blank panel to sign in).  At one point the attendant looked at him and said something about taking too long and he held up the comic and said, "...um, have you SEEN this??!"  It was so sweet.  He drew me a Nightcrawler bamf-ing (because Nightcrawler does NOT poof, he bamfs!) and a chibi Quatre because as he said, "I can't forget about this guy."  We hugged and I thanked him profusely, almost skipping over to Scott McNeil's line.

I had met some pretty awesome people waiting in Brad's line, so we all kept each other company waiting for Scott (which trust me when I tell you was one of the longest waits in history, as Scott McNeil lines always are).  Probably forty minutes later, we arrived at the front.  My heart was beating almost erratically, or at least it felt that way.  I was so nervous.  I felt better, though, having some new friends there with me.  Scott loved my cosplay, and came around the table to give me a hug and talk to me and the friends who already met him (but were waiting for me).  The whole time our hands were connected and I was praying I wasn't strawberry red.  He read off my nametag and questioned the "Kawaii no Jutsu" part, so I told him I was just the cute female version of him.  (I realized I was implying that I was cute, and felt very self-conscious.)  He squeezed my hands and looked right in my eyes, saying, "You got that right."  Yeah, I totally blushed.  Conversation died down a little and he said, "So what now?"  We all shrugged and he looked at me and said, "We could just stand here and hold hands all night."  I smiled and piped in  "Okay!"  and he laughed and swung my hand back and forth.  Cute.  Then he went back to the table to sign stuff for me.  I handed him my book and he said, in a flat voice, "...I'm guessing you did this too."  I nodded, and he responded, "...you are so freaking COOL."  So that was really great, I was the last person to meet him.  Then my new friends and I went off to wait for the Death Note panel with Brad, Brian, and Kirby.

The panel was cool... we missed half of it because of being tied up with Scott (no complaints here).  Afterwards I got stopped by someone cosplaying Mr. Metrocon who was apparently looking around for me like all day, since word had gotten out about a female McNeil cosplayer...  I was kind of shocked to hear that people actually talked about me, but it was cool.  Pictures happened and so forth.  Then more wandering and stuff, and waiting for Scott's panel, my final event of the day.  I got stopped for more pictures on the way to the panel, which was great, lol.  At the panel, my new friend Troy raised his hand and asked, "Has anyone ever cosplayed you?"  I immediately squealed "Oh NO..." and ducked down.  Then I heard cheering.  Cheering?  Really?  I guess people really HAD seen my costume.  So I looked up and saw Scott standing and scanning the crowd trying to find me.  I slowly raised my hand and waved, and he made me stand up and wave to everyone, after I protested.  He told the audience that I was the first one and that, "It's also the single most flattering thing anyone's ever done."  Wow.  That made me a little happy.  Just a little.  I had to leave the panel at 10, and he wasn't done, so that was sad.  My new friends and I said our goodbyes and promised to meet up the next day, and with that I left for home.


That day, my friend Rik was coming in, but there was a misunderstanding and he ended up telling me he'd be late.  Kirby's panel was at 11, so I told him to just meet me at the convention later.  My friends from the previous day were waiting for the panel when I got there, so we sat together and enjoyed the awesomeness of Kirby.  I got some autographs after his panel for my friends who couldn't make it to the con and then had my picture taken with him.  There was this wicked Heavyarms cosplayer there and Kirby wore his helmet and did gangster poses.  Priceless.  Brad's panel was right afterwards, and he played "The World" (opening of Death Note) on his acoustic and sang.  That was cool.  My new friend Kristen was watching with hearts in her eyes, since she was madly in love with him, heh.  There was another panel sometime after that, but I didn't go and instead hung out in the dealer's room and did some sketches.  Then Rik arrived, and we ran to the autograph line to meet Kirby, who was Rik's favorite since he loves Trowa.  That went well.  We tried to get in Brad's line next, but they had just capped it.  Well damn.  Such is life.  They had capped all of the lines, so we had to wait til Sunday.  Then came the Cosplay Carnivale.

We waited in that damn line, I kid you not, for an hour and a half.  It was ridiculous.  Luckily the main events hall was air conditioned to the extreme (which grew to be uncomfortable after a while).  The skits were first, and really not that good.  Then came the costumes.  They were all pretty kickass.  Especially the Heavyarms!  Then came the moment I was waiting for... the Picture This awards.  It was Metro's first photo contest (featuring dolls, figures, and cosplayers), and I'd eagerly entered after doing a few photoshoots with my Vincent figure and digging up my Riku photos from a few months ago.  They started the slideshow of entries, and I was starting to fidget as what seemed like a ton of pictures had scrolled by and none of mine had been shown yet.  The pictures were kind of mediocre, excluding a few cool ones.  The audeince was pretty quiet, other than a few laughs at the humor pictures.  And then, it happened.  My precious shot of Riku appeared onscreen.  The entire audience let out this awed "wow".  I did a fist pump and said to Rik, "that's mine!"  A few minutes later, my three Vincent entries were shown in succession.  The audience did the same thing, if not even moreso.  That was such a beautiful moment to me, I felt like they actually appreciated my stuff.  After the slideshow, they started the slides of the winners.  The third picture up there was my shot of Riku!  It took the "Judge's Award", I was thrilled.  I watched the rest of the slideshow doing an internal victory dance.  Then I froze.  One of the shots of Vincent was displayed as well!  That one took "Best Still Life".  I'd won two awards!  I jumped up, realizing we were supposed to make our way towards the stage, and stood up there after recieving my awards.  It's such a rush to be up there, blinded by the stage lights, over the cheering of the audience.  I wandered back to my seat (or maybe danced) and watched the cosplay and skit awards.

Then we ate dinner and got in line for the Mark Hildreth concert.  I was stoked, Mark is one of my favorite musicians.  The concert was great, I cried thanks to the music and the romance displayed on the dance floor.  We got autographs afterwards and told him it was a great show.  We ended up leaving the con around 1 am after waiting for the rave to start and then realizing they wouldn't let us in because we couldn't magically make our prop weapons disappear (I was carrying a foam kunai... i couldn't hurt someone with it if I tried, but rules are rules).


Hands down, best day of the con.  I wore my "Practice safe Zechs... Use a Gundam!" shirt that I'd bought on Saturday.  We got there at like 10:40 and immediately got in Scott's line for autographs.  The wait was long, so I decided to draw him as a gift for being so amazing.  I had time to not only finish the lineart, but also ink it, shade it, and still have like 15 minutes to spare.  Oh, the joy of McNeil lines.  When we made it to the table, Scott took one look at me and said, "I hardly recognize you outside of the uniform."  That's what I get for cosplaying him, haha.  He gave me a giant hug... and told me I smelled nice!  Haha.  He signed my absent friends' posters and I told him I had something to give him.  "I made it in your line, so don't get your hopes up too high," I warned him with a laugh.  I handed him the drawing, and he was in awe.  "You signed it, right?"  I nodded and pointed to my initials.  "Okay, now you need to sign it for me."  My jaw dropped.  "What?  You're kidding me.  I already did."  He insisted that i take a sharpie and give him my autograph.  I thought I was dreaming.  My hero of almost ten years was sitting there asking me to sign something for HIM.  Wow.  Just wow.  I wrote "To Scott..  <3" and then scrawled out my name.  Before I did so I handed my camera to Rik and asked him to take a picture, saying, "Get this on camera... it's never going to happen again!"  Scott's reply was, "It will if you keep THIS art up."  Flattering moment number three thousand for the day.  So that was amazingly great, and soon we were off shopping some more and then headed to the Gundam Wing panel. 

That panel was absolutely wonderful.  Seeing all the VAs interact is so much fun.  Afterwards I had to go wait with the crowd to get Brad's and Brian's autographs, the only ones missing on my friends' posters.  Brian came over and sat down on the stage right next to where we were standing, so we got the stuff signed rather quickly.  When he was talking to Rik he busted out the Zechs voice, which is so much better up close, but made my heart do those strange things again.  "If you keep doing that," I said, laughing, "my heart is going to stop!"  Yeah, I should know better than to say that.  He leaned over and put his arm around me with a concerned expression, and in the same voice he said (or rasped, lol) "Don't do that, I'll have to tell Noin..." and so on.  So there I was, face in my hands, trembling from laughter and fifty shades of red because Brian was almost whispering in my ear in that damn sexy Merquise voice.  Then we got stuff signed by Brad, while he did Nightcrawler lines again, and I went to my happy fangirl place. 

When that was over, I asked Rik if he minded waiting a few minutes so I could say goodbye to Scott.  He said "of course not" like the good friend he was, so when the crowds simmered down a ton I stepped forward and called his name (he was already on stage gathering stuff together by that time.)  He came over to the edge of the stage and smiled, and I opened my arms asking, "...can I hug you again?  One last time?"  Being the goof he is, he joked that it was a terrible request and walked away, so I laughed and went over to a chair to put my stuff down, letting him know I would wait.  A few minutes later he came down from the stage and gave me a sweet, long hug and then broke away.  Pouting, he murmured, "I hate con Sundays.  It's like band camp!"  I smiled sadly and nodded.  I really wanted to hug him again, especially with the sad look on his face, but I didn't want to push things so I stayed where I was.  Few seconds later we were hugging again.  It happens, goodbyes suck.  He turned his face and kissed my cheek, and I could have cried, but instead I just hugged him tighter, and he kissed my shoulder.  When we pulled away from each other I was obviously blushing and I had shrunken into myself in my moment of shyness.  He reached up and cupped my face, raising my head.  "Look at the height difference!"  he teased.  "See?  Elegant, refined, and beautiful."  Another moment where I could have cried.  He told me he'd be back to Florida and we'd see each other again, and then added that he'd be around the con randomly and we would run into each other before the day ended.  I smiled, realizing that this man hated goodbyes as much as I did.  I walked away, feeling that familiar pressure behind my eyes as a warning that i was about to cry.  Stopping after a few steps, I turned around and waved with a sad smile, saying "Bye Scott.."  and he looked at me saying "Bye sweetie."  And then I saw... tears in his eyes.  I couldn't believe it.  What an incredible, moving moment.  I walked out of the room with Rik in a bit of a daze, the moisture in my eyes becoming uncomfortable.  We walked off to the dealer's room so he could shop for his friends...  And then we left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The end of this weekend was sad, but it made me realize that once I put my mind to something, I can achieve it.  My one single goal for the entire convention was to leave a good and somewhat lasting impression on Scott McNeil, and I think I did just that.  I'll believe I did just to motivate myself, at least.  Conventions seem to get better and better for me.  This beat this year's MegaCon by a landslide, and I'd claimed that as the best convention so far.  Also, my Scott cosplay is now my default one.  It's comfortable, I get to have a cool tattoo (temporary, of course), and people seem to get a laugh out of it.  If I go to AFO (which I really want to go to) I'm going to wear it, when I get a new hat and shirt (it needs to be sleeveless this time).

Anyway, needless to say, I'm one happy girl right now.  <3


I've done it.  I've finally crossed the line into complete otaku-dom.

Because, you see, I've entered the Naruto fanbase.  But that's not exactly it.  Not only have I entered the fanbase, but I've realized that I'm pretty enamored with someone that makes even some of the biggest Narutards rip their hair out.








...and now that the Sharingan's out from the hitai-ate...
(did i really just make a "cat's outta the bag" Naruto parody?  yes.  yes i did.)

Honestly, I don't see why so many people hate him.  Sure, he ditched his teammates and ran.  But it's who he is... he's a loner, he does things on his own.  Is that so hard to grasp?  Hell no.  I prefer to be on my own as well.  It's just... less troublesome.  Call me selfish, but sometimes other people just get in the way.  Not that I don't enjoy company every once in a while.  I grew up an only child who was bullied, it made me independent, and I take pride in my individuality.  Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm so obsessed with standing out by liking obscure things and even looking different, because being part of the crowd is just lame.

Actually, that's the reason I hated Naruto for so long.  At the mere mention of the young Uchiha's name I'd snicker and retort, "...you mean, SasuGAY?"  I almost feel bad for that.  I just didn't give it a chance.  And now here I am... I've written 15 pages of Naruto fanfiction in the past week, drawn a fancomic and a few pieces of fanart, read the manga, made a daily effort to watch at least 3 episodes to try to catch up on both anime series... and I'm cosplaying Rin from the Kakashi Gaiden arc of the manga.  My parents have most likely grown tired of hearing this or that about "the way of the shinobi", heh (don't tell them, but i do it just to piss them off?).  Wow, I'm terrible.  But I love it.  :D

I've also grown fond of Iruka Umino.  Very fond.  To the point where I think I'd marry him if he were to walk into my life.  If only I were so lucky, heh heh.  I think he's exactly the kind of person I need in my life, someone I'd want to start a family with.  He's got the personality of the animal he was named after, my favorite animal, the dolphin!  He's a good man.  The fifteen page fanfic I'm writing was originally about Kakashi, but it's switched over to Iruka now.  In my opinion, Iruka doesn't get anywhere near enough love from the fans, but I'm content with not having a bunch of gramatically-lacking adolescents swear at me over the forums screaming "LIEK OMG HES TTLY MYNE BAKC OF!!!1!11one!" ...don't give me that look, they actually do that... it's scary.  >.>

Well, it's 1:30, and my headache's faded to the point where I can get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time.  Still hurts, though.  Anyway..

Bed time.  "BELIEVE IT!"  ...no, Naruto, I will not believe it.  and shut up, you're making my head hurt more.  *cuddles Iruka*



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