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My date with Kazu.
...or at least that's what it was in my mind!

Okay.  Story time!  Jeff Johnson just happened to be in the area for the day, so myself and Katie (one of my two best friends) met up with him for lunch.  I'd been trembling the whole morning and generally becoming more and more Mihashi-like as this meeting drew closer, so by the time I forced words out (after a polite "It's great to meet you!" and a hug, lol) I believe the second thing I'd said was "Okay, I need to have a fangirl moment here... Oh.  My.  God.  You're Kazu."  And then I giggled.  FFFFT.

But yeah, we all spent two hours talking, joking, and looking through pictures of his movie prop memorabilia... and I've come to the conclusion that Jeff is pretty much the coolest guy ever.

I must take a minute and spaz about how cute he was when I finally handed him my Tosei shirt to sign.  "I... don't know what to write.  I mean, I know my name, so that's something.  But..."  "C'mon, Jeff, you have to have signed stuff before."  "Not for a fan!"  It took him like fifteen minutes and brainstorming from all three of us to come up with something to go on my shirt.  And so we settled for this (I say "settled" in complete jest.  I think it's brilliant.):

Yep.  He wins.  :)


He really is a sweetheart.  AND NOW I HAVE THE CUTEST VOICEMAIL EVER.  I'm going to upload it onto youtube and post it here for kicks, but for now, just know that it's adorable. (Edit: Posted!!)


So yeah, today pretty much rocked.  Jeff is awesome.  End of story.

I love Kazu.  :3


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Eh, looks like a regular guy to me. Can't be anything interesting there ;P WOW those eyes though. I can see them from here! He's got your smile too puppy :P

He really is awesome. AND has pretty eyes and a great smile. xD I must say, his wife is a lucky woman! :3

Eeeee, sounds like you had so much fun! EPIC FREAKING WIN, FELLOW JUNTA PERSON.

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