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The interview of my dreams... and Florida SuperCon!
This con was definitely a new experience for me.  We went as a podcast (I'm a host on Anime Addicts Anonymous, btw) and ran a booth...

Definitely a cool experience.  I also was blessed in being able to meet Troy Baker and Brittney Karbowski.  They're such awesome people!

  We met a lot of cool kids around the booth as well, and gained some sweet listeners :)  Since I was at the con for Father's Day, I asked Richard Horvitz (the voice of Invader Zim and Dagget from Angry Beavers) for a shout-out to my dad, and he was really nice about it.  His con staff person really gave me a wake-up call, though, because I told her I was there to ask if he'd do that favor for me, and she was like, "Thaaaat's up to him."  Why is that a wake-up call, you ask?  Because I'm used to ANIME voice actors, who are crazy about their fans, don't charge for autographs, and will stay there for hours on end signing them.  God, the American anime industry is great.  I love it. <3

Oh GOD I'm stupid!  That was a fun con and all, but I haven't even mentioned once what was most surreal experience in the history of my love for voice actors (up until MetroCon, but that story comes in another post, sorry)...  Being an anime podcast host certainly has its perks, as I've come to realize, because we're starting to have more guests on the show.  That being said, I grew some balls (FIGURATIVELY) and around 2 in the morning on a summer night in June, I asked my favoritist of favorite voice actors if he would want to come on the show, and he replied quite sweetly...

...and that's how I got to interview Joel McDonald.

Still makes me grin like a dumbass thinking about it.  I mean, that man has talent.  Pure, golden talent.  He freaking blew my mind as Yoite (Nabari no Ou), and then I find out that he's the same person that voiced Jacuzzi in Baccano!?  I think I legitimately shrieked in surprise when I made that connection almost a year ago.  Not to mention I've always had a gargantuan crush on his voice.

But yeah, if it isn't obvious already, Joel's amazing, and that interview made my whole summer.  I know I giggled like mad a lot more than I should have during that episode, but can you really blame me?  x3

Well, that was the first part of my summer.  I'll jump in here with the anime I watched back then (hoping my memory serves me well here).
  • Heroic Age (which I reviewed on the same podcast episode as Joel's interview)
  • Big Windup
  • Soul Eater
  • Durarara!!
  • Sgt. Frog
  • Clannad (some of it, at least.)

Oh my gosh, can we say anime milestones?  Holy cow.  Big Windup was my first sports anime, and WHOA, was I blown completely out of the water with that show... since then I've watched it three or four more times and I'm definitely planning on re-watching it.  BW introduced me to Hanai (lolhe'svoicedbyJoel), who became my biggest anime crush since Jean Havoc (which is really saying something, guys), and then upon re-watching the series I fell madly in love with Kazuki Kawai, who now tops the list of "guys I wish weren't fictional".  Junta Takase takes 2nd place there, and I'm pretty sure Hanai is 3rd.  Biiig influence that show had on me.  Soul Eater was another fan-freaking-tastic series.  I haven't finished it yet (mostly because I'm too afraid to let it end), but wow.  Durarara!!... Oh man.  Yet ANOTHER amazing show.  Can't wait for the dub of this thing, since Crispin Freeman is voicing Shizuo.  I cosplay Shizuo... it's fun.  xD Sgt. Frog is hands-down the funniest show I've ever watched.  Ever.  Ugh.  My sides hurt from too much laughter.  FUNimation deserves hugs and cookies for the brilliant writing and direction in this series (I believe Joel is responsible for a lot of that... I rest my case.).  Soooo many pop culture references.  Keroro has become the new Pikachu to me!  Even though he's not my favorite froggie... Dororo is.  I love him.  So hard. Haha... and last but not least, Clannad!  This series had a lot of hype on our podcast forums, so I decided to give it a try when I found out there's a dubbed version.  I'd only heard of a select few names in the cast, so I was interested to hear it.  Oh GOD...  Clannad ripped out my heart, stomped on it, kicked it around a few times, poked it with a stick, and then picked it up and cradled it softly, telling it everything was going to be okay.  That was a ridiculous metaphor, but that's what it felt like.  So much emotion...  I cried like three times per episode.  Wow.  Also...  AKIO IS A DILF.  'nuff said.

On that note... *poofs* Til next time!


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