the diary of a dreamer

Still alive.
Hey guys!... lolwhoamIkidding, I have no readers.

Suppose I'm posting this as an update on my life/art/cosplays/etc.  I just checked my journal and realized I haven't posted since I got halfway through creating my Ramona Flowers wig.  Yeeeaaah I should post pictures of that, shouldn't I?  Whoops.  I've been getting a LOT better at cosplay... in fact I've kind of been transformed into a very dedicated cosplayer.  I've learned what I can and cannot do (although as of lately I'm branching out my skill sets to include all realms of cosplay), and at the same time I've also learned that when I really have the drive to create something, I can.  I used to be afraid of a lot of things in terms of cosplay construction - sewing, wig styling, cost management, and the nightmare of looking terrible in a costume you really want to do.  Luckily, I'm discovering that I have a knack for cosplaying the women I really admire/connect with, and...

...wait for it...

...I've almost completely ditched anime cosplay.

Over the past half-a-year or so, since I fell in love with Ramona and decided I'd take a big chance in cosplaying her, I've been.. very turned off by anime fans.  Not specific ones, but the fandom in general.  The ones who are JUST anime fans, I mean.  It seems that gamers are the ones I prefer to associate with, and liking video games makes you less socially awkward.  I know, right?  I would have never believed it in a million years.  Also I don't really love all cosplayers like I used to think I did.  A couple of them really pissed me off, and one specifically lost me a whole bunch of friends, so I'm very wary of them.

But on a more positive note, I've explored a whole lot of cosplay options and I seem to have found ones (who I can pull off) that are pretty and popular without digging through really obscure characters that no one has heard of.  I've also stopped crossplaying since I've discovered the joys of Rule 63 - the genderbends.  It's not flattering and I don't enjoy making my body look masculine.  I have curves for a reason, and there are plenty of female characters (or cool genderbends) that not enough people represent.  :D

Let's see my current cosplay roster:
  • Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim vs the World)
  • Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid)
  • fem!Scott McNeil (...yes, the voice actor, and it was a huge hit among the media guests at MetroCon this year!)
  • Scout's Mom (Team Fortress 2, my recently-awakened love)
  • fem!Egoraptor (He's an artist/voice actor responsible for the masterpieces you might know as Girlchan in Paradise and the Awesome series, among many other things.  Check him out on Newgrounds.com.)

...and my current commitments to cosplay are schoolgirl!Panty (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) and fem!Sniper (Team Fortress 2).  Got lotsa work to do for those two, but they'll be good fun.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of crafty things as of late.  Everything from working with polymer clay to painting personalized step-stools (which will be sold on my etsy account) baking cupcakes decoraded with sculpted fondant.  I've also been doing a lot of art lately, both commissions and things I've just really wanted to draw.  I really didn't forsee that happening after the shit I went through finishing up my art degree.  I never felt so burnt out in my life.  But I guess now I've found my inspiration in video games (thank you, Valve, for giving me something I honestly thought I'd never thought I'd see again)!

Pretty much everything I do gets posted on my tumblr, from cosplay to baking to jewelry-making.  

Because of this I've decided I want to undertake a big project.  A big prop-making project.  It is a goal of mine to learn the ins and outs of successful prop-making so I can be of help to anyone who needs it.  I've been doing research for years and years, learning new techniques from prop masters like Volpin and Furin Cosplay, and I think it's about time I start my journey.

I love Portal.  I really do.  It's original, it's classic, and it takes some sort of intelligence to play.  That's a good game in itself.  Top that off with fantastic characters and a story to die for, and you've got yourself a timeless masterpiece, one which you can reference in public and it's almost guaranteed that someone in the vicinity will know what you're talking about.  At least, people with good taste.  So when Portal 2 came out, I was in my mode of oh god I don't have a PS3 or 360 and my laptop barely runs Portal 1 as it is, plus I'm too busy with school so I avoided P2 gossip like the plague for about 2 weeks and then... and then it was finals week, I was burnt out and hating school, and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and watch something that would really hook me.  It was then that I discovered my first Portal 2 playthrough video on YouTube.  And so I watched it.  The entire game, front to back, in one sitting.  It was breathtaking.  The puzzles, the new story, the new characters, and the new, bitter, sarcastic, and witty GLaDOS.

Months and months later, I've rediscovered my love for Portal 2 thanks to my tumblr dashboard, and I've fallen in love with Adventure Core.  Yes, Rick.  Rick is my absolute favorite.  He has a black belt in bedroom, for Christ's sake, and he doesn't have any appendages.  How could I not love him?

When I mentioned I'd been crafting lately, one of my projects was making a Wheatley necklace.  I wanted a less-mainstream symbol of Portal to hang around my neck when I went places.  Stuff like that always starts conversation.  So I planned out something simple, a flat, painted pendant of polymer clay, to look like a cartoonish Wheatley.  Perfect, right?

Welp, twelve hours later, I ended up with this baby right below:

Yeah, how's that for definitely not flat or cartoonish at all?  I'm very proud of it, and since I really enjoyed making it, I'll probably end up making more to sell on etsy.  Well, once I find a method that takes half the time.

Anyway, with the amount of detail I was able to squeeze into something like that and how much fun I had doing it, I want to bring Adventure Core to life.  No... not as a pendant.  Not as jewelry.  Not as a pillow, either, though I'll probably do that, too... but to actually make a life-sized Rick.  Preferable one that lights up and talks.

You may have seen Furin Cosplay's really-damn-famous Wheatley puppet on youtube or on some massive geek news site like Kotaku.  If not, check it out here.  Yeah, it got a LOOOOT of response, a lot of well-deserved response.  It's brilliant, and it's gorgeous, and I just want to hug it forever.  Since Wheatley's been done, and people are probably going to attempt Space Core a bajillion times, there's really nothing standing in the way of me making a life-sized Rick, is there?  I mean, no one else is going to do it anytime soon, and I have SO MUCH LOVE for him I don't even know how to contain it.  Plus she was kind enough to document her construction process and sketches on her blog, which helps people like me SO MUCH.  You know, noobs with a lot of love and dedication and big dreams.

So that's my life in a nutshell.

When I do begin the planning/construction of Rick the life-sized Adventure Core, I'll have to document it here.  I want to be a resource, if I can, for other ridiculously ambitious cosplayers who want to make cool things.  That's it for now, though.  I'll write later, doods!


...so a few weeks/months back, I went to this nifty event at a local comic shop: the Scott Pilgrim DVD release party.  I was on the bandwagon by that point, so even though I hadn't seen the movie I was hooked, and so I went out and bought/modded a jacket, donned my black skirt and painted freckles on my face, headed to the event as Kimberly Pine (who, pre-movie, was totally my fave).  The movie ROCKED.  I was so impressed with it... the cinematography, typography, dialogue, casting... everything was amazing.  Plus the bloopers made me almost pee myself laughing.

Since then, I've sunken too deep to surface into this fandom, probably because I started reading the comics.  I'm in love with it.  I'm in love with the characters, I'm in love with the references, and I feel like it's become a permanent part of me.  Which leads me to discovering one of my new favorite characters of all time: Ramona Flowers.

Ever since I first saw her in the movie, I had this sudden fiery passion to cosplay her.  But I couldn't.  I was the group's Kim.  It was established.  Our Ramona was really cool, too.  I couldn't top that.  So I just gave up.

Until two days ago.

Over the past week I've obtained a copy of the movie (early christmas present!) and watched it about 5 times.  I just couldn't get the idea of being Ramona out of my head.  It was becoming a mental reality, and I knew when my mother (who is just really NOT into cosplay) loved the idea that there was no turning back.

So I took my pink wig, some prismacolors, a sharpie, and a good pair of scissors and went to town.

Hours later, I was relatively happy with the result.  I've been wearing it around the house, found an acceptable outfit, all that good stuff.  Out of habit, I skyped and got on cam with my best friend.  I was really stoked to show her my progress.

She was almost speechless.

I think tonight was the best ego boost I've ever had in terms of cosplay.  My friend kept stopping mid-sentence because apparently she was freaked out by how well I pull Ramona off.  I've always dreamed of finding a character who I could just slip on the wig for and some casual clothes and not only be recognizable but look good, and I think I've finally found her.

Ramona Flowers.

Thank you, Scott Pilgrim.


I have received word of a very-near-future Kazu and Junta reunion.  Three guesses where it's going to be.  A special, magical place.  Getting the picture?  Now?

Disney World.

Yes, ladies and gents, I, Juntako Takase, will be spending a fine upcoming weekday with the voice of Kazu-senpai.  IN DISNEY.  Aww yeeeeaaaaah~

In case you were wondering, pictures will happen, and probably video.  Those who know me know all too well my camera habits in the land of the mouse.  x3

Poor guy doesn't know what he's getting himself into.


Junta(ko), out!~

Me in a nutshell.
Fun stuff, I found this today.  Gonna try and update it daily.  *smiles*

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot.
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.

Day One.  [Ten things I want to say to ten different people.  RIght now.]
1.  You don't need to hide what you feel.  I want you to communicate everything to me.
2.  You deserve only the best, and I wish I could give that to you.
3.  I'm so glad we're back to being friends.  I really missed you.
4.  Honestly, I don't know why I tolerate you and your subzero level of immaturity.
5.  You, sir, really need to step outside yourself and make a decision before you ruin both of these relationships.
6.  I'm sorry I haven't been a good friend.  I suck.  :(
7.  I wish we could go back to being how we used to be, and that you would have given me a chance to clear up that misunderstanding, because that is ALL it was and now I'm left with a guilt I shouldn't be feeling in the first place.
8.  I miss you more than you know, but I'm glad you're finally happy.
9.  Um... I really like you, actually, and I'd prefer if you would look at me as an acquaintance and not "the president of your fan club"... To me, you're more to me than just "some voice actor", and I'd really love the chance to show you that I'm more than just "some fangirl".
10.  Thank you for... well... everything you've done so far and everything you're promising to do.  It means the world to me!

(I KNOW, 9 is obvious, but it's something I can't just come out and say to him.  Not yet.)

Day Two.
  [Nine things about myself.]
1.  I have red hair.  It's not natural, but I don't think I'll ever go back to my "God-given color".  xD
2.  My favorite color is bluuuuue.  Sometimes I can't look even away from it.
3.  Kazu and Junta are seriously the loves of my life.  If I could make them real and in love with me, I would never ever have a bad day again.
4.  I'm only selectively straight, it seems.  For anime males and Joel McDonald.  Thank you, precious insanity, for deciding this.
5.  I have a hand fixation.  I love drawing them and holding them and studying them.  They're beautiful.
6.  I can't love someone in real life without loving their scent.
7.  I'm a furry.  Specifically a rabbit.  I used to be a fox, then a snow leopard, then a cat, then a dog for yeeeaaars.  But I'm really a rabbit.
8.  I have a really short fuse, but I hate conflict.  It's weird.
9.  I usually don't pursue someone I'm into unless I know I have competition.  Otherwise I don't have the motivation... GOD I'm terrible.

Day Three.  [Eight ways to win my heart..?]
1.  Cosplay.  As silly as it sounds.  Either by doing it yourself or encouraging it.
2.  On a similar wavelength, theatrics... something about a person confident in his- or herself is really awesome, especially when they're attempting to woo you.
3.  SHOWER.  OH GOD PLEASE SHOWER.  My sense of smell is sharp, especially in terms of people scents, and dear GOD you'd be surprised how many people don't shower enough.
4.  Similarly, show me that you put effort into making yourself presentable when we hang out.  A little effort goes a long way, kids.
5.  If you quote my favorite characters, I will probably want to marry you.  Probably.
6.  I know it sounds selfish, but compliment me... don't overdo it, but if you tell me "You're awesome." every once in a while, I'll probably want to hang around you more because naturally you make me feel like I MEAN something to you.
7.  Openness is encouraged, but don't just emotionally vomit on my shoes within the first few days of getting to know me.  Like most people, I don't want to see everything at once.  Keep me coming back for more, and most of the time it'll work flawlessly.
8.  Listen and remember things.  My biggest pet peeve is when someone can't retain information that is important to me.  I'm very open about my likes and dislikes, and you will DEFINITELY earn massive brownie points if you remember things, like favorites/weaknesses/dislikes(to avoid).

Big Windup meme. Or something.
01. The first character I first fell in love with: Hanai.  DUH.

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: KAZUKI KAWAI.  <3

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't:  Abe.  Stupid prick.

04. The character I love that everyone else hates: Kazu?  Well... no one "hates" him, but people are pretty indifferent to him. :S

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: Haruna, I guess.  He's still cute, but that's kinda it.

06. The character I would shag anytime:  MmnghKazuuuki~ yesyesyes.  Please.

07. The character I'd want to be like: Junta.  OH WAIT I ALREADY AM.  Whoops.

08. The character I'd slap: Abe.  More like punch, though.

09. A pairing that I love: You wanna know my favorite pairing?  Huh?  KAZU x MOMOE.  Yes, that's right.  Coach and Captain.  Or Momoe x Hanai.  I like that one, too.

10. A pairing that I despise: Uuh...  Hanai x Mihashi.  Doesn't really make sense to me.  *shrugs*

My date with Kazu.
...or at least that's what it was in my mind!

Okay.  Story time!  Jeff Johnson just happened to be in the area for the day, so myself and Katie (one of my two best friends) met up with him for lunch.  I'd been trembling the whole morning and generally becoming more and more Mihashi-like as this meeting drew closer, so by the time I forced words out (after a polite "It's great to meet you!" and a hug, lol) I believe the second thing I'd said was "Okay, I need to have a fangirl moment here... Oh.  My.  God.  You're Kazu."  And then I giggled.  FFFFT.

But yeah, we all spent two hours talking, joking, and looking through pictures of his movie prop memorabilia... and I've come to the conclusion that Jeff is pretty much the coolest guy ever.

I must take a minute and spaz about how cute he was when I finally handed him my Tosei shirt to sign.  "I... don't know what to write.  I mean, I know my name, so that's something.  But..."  "C'mon, Jeff, you have to have signed stuff before."  "Not for a fan!"  It took him like fifteen minutes and brainstorming from all three of us to come up with something to go on my shirt.  And so we settled for this (I say "settled" in complete jest.  I think it's brilliant.):

Yep.  He wins.  :)


He really is a sweetheart.  AND NOW I HAVE THE CUTEST VOICEMAIL EVER.  I'm going to upload it onto youtube and post it here for kicks, but for now, just know that it's adorable. (Edit: Posted!!)


So yeah, today pretty much rocked.  Jeff is awesome.  End of story.

I love Kazu.  :3


Letdowns, letdowns, and more letdowns.

I'm going to rant here for a little bit.  Not to complain... just to get the negativity off my back.  It's annoying.

So our lovely podcast was supposed to have MY favorite podcast hosts on as guests this coming Sunday.  Again, I'm not complaining about this because I love these guys to pieces and it's nobody's fault, but... we have to postpone the interview due to lack of sufficient equipment.


They announced the winner to the Sweatpants of Immortality contest at FUNimation.  I've been entering FUNi contests for three years, kiddos.  And almost all of my entries have been win-worthy.  I worked my ass off on those entries.  And every time, it's like they completely ignore my work.  Not even an honorable mention.  Also the chick who won has won at least three of their contests.  She's a sweetie, but... seriously, FUNi?  What about the other people who worship your existence and constantly promote not only YOU and everything about you, but also legal streaming?  Again...


Also, on my calendar for this coming Tuesday:  Lunch with Jeff Johnson.  Oh man.  Jeff Johnson!  In case you're unaware, he is the voice of Kazuki Kawai in Big Windup... my Kazu, my love, my soulmate!  He gets to sign my Tosei baseball shirt and my hat, and I'm doing a painting of Kazu to give him (and buying lunch for him and one of my two best friends, but they don't know this yet)... and then I'm going to ask him to record a voicemail greeting with me.  It's super cute.  But yeah, I'm just waiting to hear back from him with conformation that we are indeed meeting at the place I suggested.

If this doesn't work out, I will be fuckin' disappoint, son.

In other news, I'm going home this weekend with two of my awesome friends.  It'll be a nice weekend.  Relaxing.  And we get to go to the Dali Museum!!  I'm so excited. Squee!~  I love it there.


I feel a little better now.  Thanks, LJ.

Think I'm gonna go take a walk.  Again.  Maybe get some lunch.


The interview of my dreams... and Florida SuperCon!
This con was definitely a new experience for me.  We went as a podcast (I'm a host on Anime Addicts Anonymous, btw) and ran a booth...

Definitely a cool experience.  I also was blessed in being able to meet Troy Baker and Brittney Karbowski.  They're such awesome people!

  We met a lot of cool kids around the booth as well, and gained some sweet listeners :)  Since I was at the con for Father's Day, I asked Richard Horvitz (the voice of Invader Zim and Dagget from Angry Beavers) for a shout-out to my dad, and he was really nice about it.  His con staff person really gave me a wake-up call, though, because I told her I was there to ask if he'd do that favor for me, and she was like, "Thaaaat's up to him."  Why is that a wake-up call, you ask?  Because I'm used to ANIME voice actors, who are crazy about their fans, don't charge for autographs, and will stay there for hours on end signing them.  God, the American anime industry is great.  I love it. <3

Oh GOD I'm stupid!  That was a fun con and all, but I haven't even mentioned once what was most surreal experience in the history of my love for voice actors (up until MetroCon, but that story comes in another post, sorry)...  Being an anime podcast host certainly has its perks, as I've come to realize, because we're starting to have more guests on the show.  That being said, I grew some balls (FIGURATIVELY) and around 2 in the morning on a summer night in June, I asked my favoritist of favorite voice actors if he would want to come on the show, and he replied quite sweetly...

...and that's how I got to interview Joel McDonald.

Still makes me grin like a dumbass thinking about it.  I mean, that man has talent.  Pure, golden talent.  He freaking blew my mind as Yoite (Nabari no Ou), and then I find out that he's the same person that voiced Jacuzzi in Baccano!?  I think I legitimately shrieked in surprise when I made that connection almost a year ago.  Not to mention I've always had a gargantuan crush on his voice.

But yeah, if it isn't obvious already, Joel's amazing, and that interview made my whole summer.  I know I giggled like mad a lot more than I should have during that episode, but can you really blame me?  x3

Well, that was the first part of my summer.  I'll jump in here with the anime I watched back then (hoping my memory serves me well here).
  • Heroic Age (which I reviewed on the same podcast episode as Joel's interview)
  • Big Windup
  • Soul Eater
  • Durarara!!
  • Sgt. Frog
  • Clannad (some of it, at least.)

Oh my gosh, can we say anime milestones?  Holy cow.  Big Windup was my first sports anime, and WHOA, was I blown completely out of the water with that show... since then I've watched it three or four more times and I'm definitely planning on re-watching it.  BW introduced me to Hanai (lolhe'svoicedbyJoel), who became my biggest anime crush since Jean Havoc (which is really saying something, guys), and then upon re-watching the series I fell madly in love with Kazuki Kawai, who now tops the list of "guys I wish weren't fictional".  Junta Takase takes 2nd place there, and I'm pretty sure Hanai is 3rd.  Biiig influence that show had on me.  Soul Eater was another fan-freaking-tastic series.  I haven't finished it yet (mostly because I'm too afraid to let it end), but wow.  Durarara!!... Oh man.  Yet ANOTHER amazing show.  Can't wait for the dub of this thing, since Crispin Freeman is voicing Shizuo.  I cosplay Shizuo... it's fun.  xD Sgt. Frog is hands-down the funniest show I've ever watched.  Ever.  Ugh.  My sides hurt from too much laughter.  FUNimation deserves hugs and cookies for the brilliant writing and direction in this series (I believe Joel is responsible for a lot of that... I rest my case.).  Soooo many pop culture references.  Keroro has become the new Pikachu to me!  Even though he's not my favorite froggie... Dororo is.  I love him.  So hard. Haha... and last but not least, Clannad!  This series had a lot of hype on our podcast forums, so I decided to give it a try when I found out there's a dubbed version.  I'd only heard of a select few names in the cast, so I was interested to hear it.  Oh GOD...  Clannad ripped out my heart, stomped on it, kicked it around a few times, poked it with a stick, and then picked it up and cradled it softly, telling it everything was going to be okay.  That was a ridiculous metaphor, but that's what it felt like.  So much emotion...  I cried like three times per episode.  Wow.  Also...  AKIO IS A DILF.  'nuff said.

On that note... *poofs* Til next time!

MegaCon '10 and other stuffz.
Lotsa stuff to talk about I guess.  First things first...  That painting I spent like collectively half a day on?  Still mine. x3 That's what happens when your "friend" does stupid things like blowing you off for almost two months and then acting like they didn't kiss you or lead you on or anything like that!  But I can't complain, because I have this kickass painting sitting here in my room that I never had to part with.  Optimism!  It's what's for dinner.

What else... OAD!  Yes!  Orlando Anime Day, my first ever artist alley gig.  What a ridiculous success.  I made over $100 at this small, 5-hour "con" of local-ers.  I think I'll be doing another booth there, with THOSE results... haha.  I also had about ten offers to buy my Alucard or Zelda paintings.  This means I'm probably going to hold a silent auction with these two so I can makes teh moneys off dem.

School has been harassing me like some drunken pissed-off in-law.  Busybusybusy.  Workworkworkwork.  I'm only taking four classes this semester, though, so it's a nice break from... other semesters.  Lots of art homework.  I'm loving graphic design to tiny little adorable bits.  Definitely going to take GD II.  <3

Last but certainly not least is an overview of MegaCon '10!  I usually spend a lot of space talking about con memories, but I think I'll tone this one down.  On second thought... NAHHHH. xD


Friday:  I cosplayed (er, crossplayed) Yoite from Nabari no Ou. Didn't expect to have people actually recognize me, hah!  They did, though.  First one to do it was Rojas over at the FUNimation booth... appropriate, considering it's a FUNi series, and one that he spent a lot of time around (and also loves.)  I was pretty thrilled to meet him.
Yoite and Rojas. x3

Wandered around some more...  out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of maroon and thought, "Alucard cosplayer?"  I froze for a few seconds as some memories from MetroCon flooded my brain. (Looking back, I realize I hadn't blogged about these memories.  That will change NOW.)  I told my friends I'd be right back and legitimately ran after this poor cosplayer, hoping to god that it was the person I suspected it to be.  When I finally caught up to him, I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to face me, a puzzled expression crossing his face as he tried to figure out who I was.  (I was flat chested with short dark hair... it would've been a miracle if he recognized me like this, considering he'd met me as a curvy blonde.)  "MetroCon!" I exclaimed, hoping that would register with him.  As his eyes widened and he smiled, I realized it was the perfect hint.  "Hey, it's you!  Awesome!"  We exchanged some polite words and I waved to the girls he was with, one who I had also met during MetroCon.  "Oh, our Pip is here too, he's off wandering somewhere."  My heart fluttered.  Pip, I thought to myself, why did I completely forget that he was Pip, one of my current anime loves...  "..He is?" I couldn't quite hide the brand-new-lightbulb glow that my face resembled.  *flashback*

[This is where I explain why I was so excited to see this guy again.  See, I was all alone at MetroCon on Friday.  Although there was occasional small talk with strangers, I hadn't quite made any friends there.  So I had ordered my lunch, and looking around at all the groups of people I realized the only desirable spot for a loner was the vast space by the restrooms, because no one would want to hang out there.  A few minutes went by and suddenly I noticed a boy my age approaching.  He doesn't... look like a creeper, I mused to myself and found myself blushing as he stopped a foot or two before me and smiled down at me.  I can't recall his exact words, but they were something like, "Listen, we noticed you were eating by yourself, and that's just not cool.  Come sit with us!"  And so I followed this stranger and ate lunch with him and two of his friends.  It was probably one of the nicest experiences I've had at a con, and it's something I doubt I'd ever forget.]

*end flashback* So anyway, you can probably imagine why my day was brightened by that bit of news.  I said my goodbyes and ran back to my friends, and we wandered some more.  I stopped to get autographs from Chuck Huber and Sonny Strait, who were both quite cordial.  Wandered a bit more.... and then I got a glimpse of a Pip cosplayer.  Nearly dropping everything, I effing ran to him, knowing it HAD to be my friend from MetroCon.  He turned and looked at me... I was about to clear my throat and remind him of where we met and who I was, but before I could utter a word he spoke.  "Oh... my god.  Is it you?  It IS you!!"  Cue awesome reunion embrace.  "They told me you were here, it's so good to see you again!"  I could have teared up easily; I hadn't expected him to greet me so.. warmly, like we'd known each other for so long.  That was a new addition to my list of "most emotionally charged and memorable con moments".  See picture below! xD

Most definitely my favorite con friend EVER.  <3

Saturday: Crossplayed Haruki Suzumiya for a friend's senior capstone project.  I had some trouble breathing with the binding at all, but it was fun.  Also, those shoes... I'd never worn them before.  BAD IDEA to break shoes in at a con.  x_x;

Ended up changing halfway through the day due to said breathing problems.  I also spent a good amount of time on that drawing you can see on my lap...  Yay for Pip love!  Oh, dude, I met breakdancing Kakashi!  My friend is a friend of his, so since I'm shy and stubborn he told him where I was sitting and they both came over... and the only thing I could say was, "I hate you, Justin." Haha.  Kakashi was sweet, though, as expected.  Anyway, the rest of Saturday consisted of more wandering, finding Pip again to say hi (and being escorted on his arm to see my other con friends), and an outing at Johnny Rocket's.  The service there was terrible.  They discriminate against cosplayers, it's total crap.  Our waitress was such a jeeerk.  We spent a good deal of time with the Hellsing group before we went to dinner, though.  Number exchanges and stuff.  We were talking about getting together when we got back.  It fell through because of communication issues, but that's no big deal.  The rave was... eh..  Fun, but the music wasn't so great in the beginning.  That's pretty much it.

Sunday: my normal day.  I didn't cosplay, believe it or not.  This was mostly because I wanted my con friends to see me for ME and remember me that way.  I got some last minute autographs for the friends who couldn't be there with me and got to meet Cherami Leigh, who is a total freaking sweetheart!  We talked for like fifteen minutes about Nabari no Ou and how awesomesauce it was.  She's adorable.  I luff her.

Anyway...  Pip called to tell me they were about to head out, so I ran to meet them, trying to swallow the lump in my throat.  I hate goodbyes... did I mention that?  So yeah, by that point I'd tidied up the sketch of Pip I'd done because I needed to give that to my cosplayer friend as a token of my appreciation.  I wrote something like, "Con friends are the best kind of friends.  Thanks for everything." at the bottom.  They came over, I hugged all of them and told them I'd see them at Metro this summer, and then I handed the sketch to Pip.  He loved it and gave me an amazing hug (Ididn'twanttoletgo), and we said our final goodbyes.

Even though we spent a few more hours at the con, that was the end of MegaCon for me.  Watching them walk away... (well, watching him walk away) it was heart-wrenching to me, and I admit that I cried when they were out of sight.  About an hour later I received a text message from him thanking me for everything and telling me it was great to see me.  I cried again.  (This happened again, maybe three or so more times.  I might have had the same reaction.)

I think I summed it up when I wrote that message on his sketch.  We've talked every day since the convention ended on Sunday, and I've grown ridiculously fond of this boy who was once just a kind and thoughtful stranger to me.  Conventions give you memories that last a lifetime and friendships (who knows, maybe even more..) that can stand the test of time and distance.  I believe in this with my whole heart, and that is why I will never hesitate to defend myself when I'm told to "grow up" or to "find a new hobby". 

I don't know about you, but I'd pick my freak show any day.


One more thing.
...I miss my old pack.

I'm trying to get somewhat back in touch with them, so... if you've been friended by me, that's why.

That's all.



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